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Basis of gift box:


1. Construction

Universal Box Catalogue

There is a great number of box types. In order not to reinvent the wheel, and not to waste time on numerous verbal descriptions and corrections, the European organizations, namely FEFCO (the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers, site: и ESBO (the European Solid Board Organisation, site:, created a catalogue of case and packaging constructions codes, i.e. International Fibreboard Case Code, with simple symbols internationally understood by all, regardless of language.

Some Samples from FEFCO Code

(download International Fibreboard Case Code)

Oбразцы из каталога FEFCO

When ordering a gift box you may select a box construction out of the options listed in the FEFCO Code which will considerably simplify and fasten the selection and manufacturing process of your gift box. In any case our consultants will assist you in finding the most optimal option for you

Classification of gift box constructions

For gift box production four types of cardboard are used: coated cardboard, art cardboard, corrugated cardboard and binder board.

Gift boxes of coated cardboard

Constructions of coated cardboard are the most modest and popular in gift box production. Due to cardboard flexibility such constructions are easily cut out, and low thickness and coated surface of the cardboard allow printing machines to print bright and rich images and details on the gift box.


Gift boxes of coated cardboard are used in nearly all industries, starting from cake and tooth paste cases up to exclusive perfumes and famous alcoholic beverages packaging.


Quantity may vary from several hundred up to million items which makes this type of case acceptable for any client category.

Коробка из мелованного картона
Полноцветная печать

gift box of coated cardboard

full color printing

Gift boxes of corrugated cardboard

Constructions of corrugated cardboard are more durable because of thick sides. This is due to the special structure of corrugated cardboard, the inner side of which consists of cardboard of wavy form (corrugation) that adds volume to the gift box sides and durability to the case in whole. The front face of the case is coated paper that allows to print images of perfect quality on the gift box.


Generally boxes of corrugated cardboard are used in those gift boxes when ordinary coated cardboard doesn’t suit, i.e. deforms or tears. This happens with heavy and unwieldy goods, such as iron or two one-liter bottles.


Like in the case of constructions of coated cardboard, quantity for this type of boxes is actually not limited. However, the price of gift boxes of corrugated cardboard certainly will be 10-20% higher.


Коробка из микрогофры Absolut
Структура гофрокартона

structure of the corrugated carton

gift box of corrugated cardboard

Gift boxes of binder board

Constructions of binder board are considered to be exclusive and premium. Basis of such gift box is 1.5-3 mm cardboard of high mechanical reliability. First gift box (or its main parts) is made of binder board, then printed paper, or more often special box material, is glued (laminated) on the finished details. Diversity of gift box materials with leather, wood and other textures, as well as weight and reliability of construction make gift cases of binder board unique and stylish.



Gift boxes of binder board are mainly used for expensive and exclusive goods. Limited collections and special editions of various kinds seldom have ordinary packaging of coated cardboard. In spite of the fact that gift boxes of binder board are products of premium class and consequently are used for expensive goods, very often to emphasize the uniqueness of an item or the importance of an event, an item can be packaged into a more expensive case than the item itself.

Коробка из переплетного картона
Образцы переплетных материалов

gift box of binder board

samples of binder materials

Do you know that …

Tiara company is the only regional manufacturer that has automated manufacturing of gift cases of binder board producing up to 1000 cases per day regardless of a case type: cases with bottom cover, cases with lift-up cover or draw-out cases.

Open top gift box

Коробка с откидной крышкой

"Bottom-up" gift box

Коробка крышка-дно

Gift box with sliding lid

Образцы переплетных материалов

2. Decoration

The term “decoration” implies all additional actions that paper or gift box material undergoes, and that add individuality and attractiveness to a gift box. These are printing, varnishing, embossing, foil stamping and lamination. Decorative accessories are other important design features of binder board gift cases, e.g. hinges, locks, nameplates, decorative letters and seals, decorative seams, ribbons, longerons and other details that add special appeal to a box.

Коробка с откидной крышкой

Offset printing is ideal for printing full-color images on the coated paper.

Offset printing

Screen printing doesn’t require any special type of paper and is ideal for printing with one or two colors that come out more bright and saturated.

Шелкография (трафаретная печать)

Screen printing

Lamination protects the paper surface from abrasion and other damage, as well as adds glitter to an image in case of lamination with glossy film and softens colors in case of lamination with matt film.

Матовая ламинация


Selective varnishing marks out particular areas of an image by adding mat or glossy patterns which makes the image richer and more real.

Выборочная UV лакировка

Gloss varnish on the drop

Foil stamping is a process of creating relief patterns and designs on a cardboard by raising the image above the surface and highlighting its dimensions and forms.

Тиснение металлической фольгой

Foil stamping

Embossing allows most realistic reproduction of gold or silver colors, their brilliance and brightness on account of micro-foil use in the process.

Конгрев (блинтовое тиснение)


Hinges add style, stability and durability to your case.

Петли для сувенирной коробки

Hing on the gift box

Lock of a gift box combined with hinges form a harmonious ensemble that helps to finish the case appearance. Magnets embedded in a case are also used as locks.

Замки для сувенирной коробки

Lock on the gift box

Decorative seams sewed with threads help to highlight and complement one part of a gift case. For instance, in this way you can trim the label or even the whole case.

Швы на сувенирной коробке

Decorative seams on the label

Nameplates are produced from different materials, i.e. it can be plastic with gold backing, metal engraving, or а label with embossed silicone backing. Anyway, regardless of nameplate type it is always one of those features that if combined with other types of decoration (e.g. embossment) allows to strengthen manyfold an impression of a created case.

Именная табличка на сувенирной коробке

Nameplate on the gift box

Decorative seals very often imitate a wax seal with monogram similar to those formerly used by officials of the royal household. Such seals are made of plastic colored with noble color of royal seal. Availability of such a seal is a kind of seal of quality on a gift case.

Декоративная печать на коробке

Decorative seal on the box

Logement is an inner case lining. Main function of logement is fixation and protection of a product inside a case. However, logement is also a beautiful and necessary supplement to a gift case. Logements are made of diverse materials, i.e. these can be a plastic form, cardboard lining, silk and velvet covering. Choice of a lining depends on an appearance and purpose of a product.

Картонный ложемент в коробке

Board logement of the box

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Principle of Four Consents


How not to Be Disappointed with a Final Result

If you are interested in getting a high-quality and professionally made gift box , please, fill in the form below for finding out the price.

There are cases when a very good design and a beautiful 3D image are created, but in the end a rather close, but not quite the right thing is achieved. Numerous questions and complaints arise between the manufacturer and the client on nearly all aspects, starting from color incompatibility and ending with the fact that the product doesn’t fit into the case. To avoid this, we propose to follow the Principle of Four Consents.



Consent One:

Approved construction of a gift box and materials


A manufacturer creates one or more constructions of gift boxes outwardly answering a client’s expectations. The goal is to make sure that the box made according to this construction will endure a load; that the product will not fit loosely or fall out when the case is open; and the user will be able to easily open and close the gift box. In addition, at this stage the ease of packaging of the product is already important, i.e. the easier the packaging, the higher the productivity.


In some cases at this stage various additional materials are also considered: hinges, locks, velvet or plastic lining and many others. If the client is satisfied with all these parameters, the gift box construction and materials are approved by both sides.



Consent Two:

Approved printing file (artwork) of the gift box


In this phase the designer prepares the final file for printing (i.e. artwork) that is put over the pattern of the already agreed construction. It is necessary to create the file for printing only after approval of the construction; otherwise any slight change in the case, even for a millimeter, will lead to a complete change of the file which consists of many layers. The final file is printed with ordinary digital printer (it can be even white and black) and is glued to the construction.


The aim of this stage is to reveal different defects that haven’t been considered during the design development. For instance, it can be discovered that the pattern doesn’t completely merge into one or that the logo on the inner cover has turned upside down after assembling the case. After corrections (if there are any) you can approve the printed box file and pass to the next phase.



Consent Three:

Approved printing sample


This is the phase of implementation of manufacturing offset printing of the approved file. As a result, it is possible to visually access colors and varnishing of the future gift box on the paper or cardboard. It is often difficult to get exactly the color the client wants. The process of approval can last a day because of numerous corrections and additions.



Consent Four:

Approved manufacturing sample


This is the closing stage the result of which is the final appearance of the case. At this stage one implements the process of cutting over, embossment and relief printing, gluing, details and accessories mounting if there are any. Also, defects can be detected, such as the cardboard texture upon which the cover is glued can be emphasized in a wrong way.  


The approved manufacturing sample usually comprises an inseparable part of a contract. This is a kind of a standard that constitutes a basis for resolution of disputes and disagreements during mass production.


Of course, each stage of product development requires time and finances. For example, to get one manufacturing sample during offset printing, in any case the producer has to spend at least 100 printed sheets on press preparation for printing and actually to occupy the printing machine for the whole day. However, in case of getting a final order, most manufacturers reimburse all these expenses, and you get exactly what you want and not what has come out.


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