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About us

Having started in 2006 from security labels production, we have been growing quickly and now print and produce various products from leaflets and visid cards to paper and plastic bags.
In 2011 we invested in the machinery for special rigid box production. Cutters, gluers, v-shape friser, angle blender: all these allow us to produce exclusive and  luxury packaging.
We like experimenting, exploring new forms of packaging and printing. It's interesting for us to do something that we have never done. We never say "No" to people coming with crazy ideas and wishing to realize their imaginations. We believe that there is only one step from crazy ideas to genius and brilliant thing. 

We don't like to be late and it's not priority for us to be faster. We just prefer to be in time. 

Sincerely yours,
Tigran Torgomyan



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